Canary Debris Recycling, (CDR) which trade name is Reciclaje de Escombros Canarias REC is a company dedicated to the recycling of construction and demolition waste (CDW) and sale of recycled aggregates, being registered as non-hazardous waste authorized operator RNP-169-IC.



Because of the increasing preoccupation of society for the protection of his only the natural and privileged environment, people detected the need to develop facilities that are able to contribute responsibly to the harmonization of the delicate balance between economic growth and environmental protection.

Reciclaje de Escombros Canarias aware of the problems of construction and demolition waste presents a new management model which resolves these problems, and contributes to the achievement of reusing and recycling objectives under the current legislation.


Triple environmental and social benefit

  • Recycling of waste.
  • Restoration of degraded area.
  • Involvement of lower consumption of natural resources


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