When the waste enter into our facilities until they are recycled, REC staff ensures that each of the procedures comply with all environmental requirements contained in the legislation.
Therefore, special attention to the intake waste treatment is required. The Lorries are weighed and carefully inspected to determine the extent of cleaning and waste composition.



Recycling construction waste we obtain recycled aggregate (0/2, 0/5, 5/10, 0/20, 20/40 with the CE marking, suitable for use as aggregate for concrete (and mortar) nonstructural drainage discharges, cobblestone settlement layer, covering of pipes, aggregates for prefabricated concrete (curbs, block partition, terraces concrete, …)



The inert material treated, but not reusable, as it´s the material from excavations and material unsuitable for recycling consistency it is used for filling and restoration of the old quarry Hoya Caldereta.


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